How To Figure Out What Will Work

A couple days ago I came across an article about some doctors.

These doctors did an x-ray on some guy’s hand only to find that he’d implanted something into the web between his thumb and forefinger.

He put a tiny computer chip into his hand.

The same kind of chip that you use to paywave your coffee

How To Freeze Your Ass Off

In the movie Twilight you’ve got two main characters.

You’ve got Edward (the vampire) and you’ve got Jacob (the werewolf).

And I’m not here to debate with you about whether these movies were just a little bit bad or really bad.

But I am here to talk about how hot they are

I Tried Everything And Nothing Worked

Yesterday I’m coming back to car after lunch having lunch with my flatmate.

We parked up in ponsonby and went to the international food court for some nasi lemak at the malaysian place there

(which was great by the way).

About 30 minutes had passed by between the time we left my car, had lunch and finally got back to the car

All Three Of Them Are Slowly Dying

Yesterday I walked up the stairs leading to my front door

Before turning to put my key in the door I pause

Directly in front of my is a long wooden pot with soil inside. And set in that soil is three plants growing chillies

And despite being quite tall these plants look amazingly short

Why She Saw ZERO Results In 8 Weeks

A few years ago I was walking to a lecture with one of my friends.

She had just joined a gym a couple months ago.

And as usual when you join a gym she got a workout plan designed for her.

It had all the exercises she had to do and for how many reps and how many sets and had all the specific weights there too.

I Grabbed Everybody’s Fat Rolls

Back when I did my personal training certificate they had us practice a bunch of assessment techniques.

Like how do calculate BMI, how to test for range of motion, fitness testing etc etc.

And one of the things they had us practice was measuring bodyfat percentages.

And they had us practice on each other.

Pulling The Fingers At Random BABIES

What’s your earliest memory?

The very oldest memory in the deepest depths of your brain?

For me?

It’s actually really hard to figure out. There’s probably about 4-5 memories that stand out as being super old but it’s almost impossible to determine which one is the real earliest memory